Warranty terms

Terms of warranty validity:

1. The warranty of the device including 18 months warranty will be valid from the date of installation by the authorized service.

2. All decorative items, body, glass and lamps are not included in the warranty.

3. During the warranty period, the repair fee and the price of the replaced parts and only the cost of transporting the device to the repair shop and commuting will be the responsibility of the customer.

4. When installing, the cost of accessories (electricity, plumbing, fittings, valves and city gas conversion and vice versa) will be borne by the customer.

5. In case of any damage or damage caused by natural factors, power fluctuations, defects in the internal wiring of the building, improper use, fire, falls and manipulation of irresponsible people, the device is not part of the warranty.

6. It is the responsibility of the service service to diagnose the failure of the device and its parts, and it is mandatory to provide a warranty card to the service service when repairing the device.

7. To install ovens (gas, electricity and gas), metal hoses should be used to connect to city gas.

8. Due to import restrictions and other unpredictable conditions, the repair time of the device may be long. Therefore, in exceptional cases, which are prohibited from entering and restrictions on the supply of goods, the importer company is not responsible.

9. In case of tampering or tearing the serial label and specifications of the device or any tampering or damage to the warranty card and the date of the device is not part of the warranty.

10. This guarantee is valid only with the seal and signature of the official representative and approved by the company, otherwise it has no legal value.

11. Any direct contact with the company’s service personnel to solve possible problems will result in the withdrawal of the warranty. To service the device during the warranty period, contact the after-sales service center.

12. It is recommended that the technical experts of the device and connections be inspected once a year by the company’s experts, otherwise the customer will be responsible for the damages resulting from the lack of technical inspection.